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Jiban Bima Corporation - Existing Schemes

  • Anticipated Endowment Insurance With Profit Plan-05
  • Anticipated Endowment Insurance Without Profit Plan-25
  • Child Endowment Insurance Without Profit Plan-47
  • Child Protection Policy With Profits Plan-09
  • Double Protection Insurance With Profit Plan-10
  • Endowment Assurance With Profit Plan-03
  • Endowment Assurance Without Profit Plan-23
  • Grameen Jiban Bima With Profit Plan-91
  • Granted Bonus Endowment Insurance Plan-48
  • Group Endowment Assurance
  • Group Term Insurance
  • Joint Life Endowment Insurance With Profit Plan-08
  • Marriage Endowment Policy Plan-07
  • Money Back Term Insurance Policy Plan-50 (Without Profit)
  • Multiple Payment Policy With Profit Plan-06
  • Pension Policy Plan-12
  • Progressive Premium Policy With ProfitPlan-04
  • Single Premium with Profit Plan-17
  • Swanirber Bima (Single Premium Policy) Plan-52
  • Term Insurance Without Profit Plan-51
  • Whole Life Assurance With Profits Plan-01
  • Whole Life Assurance Without Profits Plan-21
  • Overseas Assurance Plan With Profit
  • Mortgrage Protection Policy Without Profit
  • Monthly Saving Scheme With Profit
  • Monthly Saving Scheme Without Profit
  • Triple Protection Policy


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